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Equality – Inequality Equality for all Our Vision
Equality in summary is that each man woman and child is given the same opportunities exactly, regardless of any distinction or differences.

Equality can mean different things to different people which is reflected by each person’s experiences, but when broken down most people will agree it’s about sameness and opportunity.

My experience as a young man with a physical disability and the inability to speak vocally has coloured my views on equality and possibly, more importantly inequality.

I have less opportunities to further my education or gain employment than other men of my age. My social interactions and opportunities have also been impacted and thus I’m inequal to my counterparts. For me inequality has darkened the doorway of romantic relationships, friendships, and even peer discussions as people see me as a disability not a human.

This has been my experience but I’m positive that you too have looked in the face of inequality in some way or another.

We need to stop learning to dehumanise one another, to embrace our differences, to move forward to a world where every man, woman and child can experience every opportunity as others do. (Adrian)

Equality for all is our catch phrase. Our focus is on the need to promote social justice for all. You might think equality for all is impossible. Social equality means all people are entitled to enjoy equal status in society and no one is entitled to special privilege. Human rights are the cornerstone of social equality. Furthermore, people need opportunities to participate in society and education. Save our communities! Open your minds and ways of being. Equality for all! Join us in raising awareness. (Jackie) We envision a future where equal opportunity is granted to every individual. Awareness of every person’s abilities and giftings will be acknowledged and will be encouraged to reach their full potential.


“Equality for all is our catch phrase. Our focus is on the need to promote social justice for all.”

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Luke’s concerns

I am a young adult with autism and c.p who has never been able to speak but I can type.

I am so afraid at state of the world at the moment, I wish to protest at the destruction and devastation that is gong on, just to make money for a few rich people who have too much already.

The animals are going extinct at a massive rate and the ice melting but the rich don’t care because they just move when they have wrecked somewhere. The people left behind are dying of poisoned land and water and that part of the world is lost to the world’s spirit. We have hurt the world’s spirit and one day before we destroy it completely. I hope it destroys us before it’s too late for everything else on the planet.

Luke Bennett


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