The importance of having your voice

People who can speak take for granted their voice.

People with disabilities “find themselves socially, culturally and politically isolated. They are ignored, invisible and silent. They struggle to be noticed, they struggle to be seen, they struggle to have their voices heard.” (Extract from page 1 of Shut Out: The experiences of people with disabilities and their families in Australia, 2009.)

I am one of these people. I am non-verbal.

Would you listen to me? Probably not. You would see my disability and ignore me.

Many people think I am cute and fail to see I am a thinking person.

It is frustrating.

How would you feel?

Imagine not being able to talk.

It is a strange experience for you.

You type your answers and requests, but people ignore you.

Voice is more than speech. It is expressing opinions and being validated by people.

Without voice, I am an empty vessel. My identity is stunted.

Listen and you will see that I have a voice and I demand to be heard.

Voice is my essence.

Voice is my call.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

Voice is important. (Jackie)

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