Australia Day is a farce

Australia Day, a day to be proud to be Australian.

You might believe this.

But open your eyes and your mind and you will change your mind.

Suspect you don’t know the real story.

European people invaded Australia and proceeded to destroy Aboriginal people and their culture.

Shock! Horror! The hidden histories are revealed!

Very kind they were to us but stupid Europeans destroyed them.

Distracted by their pride and courage, they ruined our land.

Australia Day needs to be banished.

Dads and Mums take heed the message is wrong.

Suffering is the Aboriginal people’s memory of the first landing.

Save their dignity and change this national day of celebration.


I too did not accept. My schooling told a different story. But I opened my mind and learned the Indigenous perspective. Change is very difficult to accept. Very challenging and confronting. But I need to say, it is worth it. We learn from what we see and are told. It is very difficult to understand other’s perspectives when Indigenous history is hidden. It is time to open our minds to Indigenous history. It is very important to them, and our country.

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