In my life, anxiety is a nuisance. It takes over and ruins things.
Imagine living in a body ruled by fear. It is horrendous.
My legs get like gel and I can’t stand.
My mind screams in anguish help, help.
My body quivers and shakes.
Strategies leave my mind. I am blank.
Deb helps me but sometimes she can’t stop the tight binds of anxiety.
But often I get scared by things that are culled.
By culled things, I mean giants and evil things.
I also worry a lot.
I worry about family and friends and their wellbeing.
Deb is cute when she puts the circle of protection around me. It helps lots at uni.
Deb helps me understand that I can listen and not be hurt.
Dear me, it is a drain to worry so much.
Draining, dreadful, dastardly anxiety.

Children and adults around Australia have anxiety issues.
How sad for our country. Think of the torment they are suffering.
Frank discussions are needed to determine why anxiety is a problem.
Please be kind when people are stressed.
Please, please, please!

Research is useful but not the solution.

By Jackie

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