Privacy for people with disabilities


Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
– Article 22: Respect for Privacy

Australian Human Rights Commission – Rights of People with Disabilities
– has the right to privacy and confidentiality: personal privacy; privacy in communications; confidentiality of personal records and information
– Has the right to self determination: to make own decisions and choices in all aspects of their life

Jackie wrote:

Privacy is hard to have when you have a disability and are reliant on people to feed and dress you. According to the Rights of People with Disabilities, you have the right to privacy and confidentiality. For me, it means I get to chose what is shared with mum and other people. I want some privacy in my conversations. Reading everything I say is invading my privacy. I can’t speak for other people with disabilities, but this is important to me. I ask that people check whether I want my conversations recorded or shared. Very important to let me have choice. Privacy is my right.

2 thoughts on “Privacy for people with disabilities

  1. Hi
    I’d like to hear more of your experience with this. My own experience has been frustrating at times, and liberating at others. Most people think that every detail of my life should be shared with all of my staff and family. Not always so. I take every little bit of privacy I can grasp at. I hope you will share with us about your life. It empowers us to share with one another.
    From Adrian

  2. I need support but want to have something of my own.
    Privacy is a singularly important element in my life.
    I would like to hear about your experiences.
    Could you please write back.

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