Freedom of information, opinion and expression

Freedom to express my opinion is important.

I deserve the right to express my view of topics of interest to me.

Australian law does not use the term ‘freedom of speech’.

That is an American term.

Instead we use ‘Freedom of information, opinion and expression’.

This rightly allows for Australian citizens to share information and share their opinions.

There are some limitations. The rights of another person or their reputation cannot be breached.

We need to ensure to be respectful of others. (Jackie)

Social Role Valorisation (SRV)

SRV has been a key part of my development the last few years. I’ve realised I’m no longer content to just be a tool for others to form social roles but that I should have my own! Meaningful roles are what gives me a reason to get out of bed each day. Without them I’d be just a shell. I want for every person to experience holding value in their community. For this to happen we need to identify our passions and develop these into meaningful roles. Sometimes I have needed for others to help me in the development of my roles, this doesn’t make it less meaningful but I think more as it also adds value to these people who support me. In this way we all help one another to build the world we want to see! (Adrian)


You’d think to look at me that my physical disability is the most debilitating part of my existence. After all I can’t feed myself, walk, or even bathe independently. I wake up each morning and do nothing but wait all day. But trust me when I say, all this pales in the face of anxiety. I’m not talking about feelings of anxiousness; no that’s a human experience which serves a purpose. I’m talking about finding breathing becomes impossible, your vision Narrows and darkens, fear and anxiousness combine in your chest to create a ball of al consuming darkness, your brain shuts off and your ears are filled with ringing that screams the words, surely I’m dying.
It’s horrific and terrifying to experience true anxiety. It makes physical discomfort and disability seem insignificant.
The only thing that gets through to me is arms wrapped tightly around me, they let me know I’m not alone because all other senses have disengaged, but strong arms I can feel, they anchor me back to reality. This isn’t death, it’s mostly in my head, I’m in no real danger, breatheĀ in breathe out.