Maintaining friendships over time and distance

Over the years I’ve had many people I would consider friends at the time. We cared for one another, shared things with each other, made time for one another. Then life happened. Friends moved away, they went to a different social or activity group, they got sick or depressed or simply, we grew apart. When i think of these people they become a fond memory that I think of when i visit certain places, smell certain foods or hear certain songs. I have a lot of ‘fond memory’ people but I also want to have more friends who last through time and distance. Those are the real tests of friendship. It’s difficult to maintain friendships when you cannot simply call them to say “hi”. Once again I curse my inability to speak! If I could pick up a phone just to say “I miss you”, I’d probably have more long standing friends! It’s hard but not impossible to maintain friendships through written words alone. Written words are usually from the soul and take effort so you know they’re meaningful. So I continue this journey to keep my friends as my friends and not just fond memories. (Adrian)

Distance is easy. Time isn’t.

Friendships are very important to me.

Distance is able to be bridged by the means of technology. Emails can go across the world or from city to city. The thing I like about them is that they don’t rely on having a voice. By that I mean not having physical voice. I have a strong voice through my fingers.
I have a heart and I have feelings just like everyone else.

Time isn’t easy. People move on in their lives. I think back to people I was close to in the past. I like to think we could reconnect but it is likely that life gets in the way. I hold the memory of friendships from the past in my heart. I realise that this is life. I celebrate my new friendships. It is part of growing up. (Jackie)

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