Luke’s concerns

I am a young adult with autism and c.p who has never been able to speak but I can type.

I am so afraid at state of the world at the moment, I wish to protest at the destruction and devastation that is gong on, just to make money for a few rich people who have too much already.

The animals are going extinct at a massive rate and the ice melting but the rich don’t care because they just move when they have wrecked somewhere. The people left behind are dying of poisoned land and water and that part of the world is lost to the world’s spirit. We have hurt the world’s spirit and one day before we destroy it completely. I hope it destroys us before it’s too late for everything else on the planet.

Luke Bennett


Jackie’s motto

Freedom is achieved

You think you are good and bright… but you aren’t
But you stare at me as though I am odd… you are ignorant
I may look odd and behave different… but I am intelligent
I am an adult now… Yay I am free
I am intelligent… Yay I go to uni
I have a boyfriend… Yay I am in love
I have many friends… Yay I am blessed
My life is rich and full… Can you say that?
Disability does not hold me back
Freedom is achieved.

I live a great life… full of fun and love
I sometimes sit quiet… but that is ok too
I am brave… You find that hard to believe?
I battle anxiety every day… but I am winning
Crazy fun and all of that… what better way to live
Something troubles me… I have friends to hug me
Family close and dear… How lucky am I?
Crushing weights you envisage… they do not exist
Disability does not hold me back
Freedom is achieved.

People think disability is a major problem… it isn’t
Disability is only about limitations… because the world values able bodies
All bodies should be valued… for what they can offer
Freedom is only achieved… when all diversity is valued
Freedom is paramount… trust me it is
Freedom is stupendous… indeed it is
Freedom is awesome… Yay celebration is due
True achievements are superb… I know I do
Disability does not hold me back
Freedom is achieved.